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Electronic Banking

Online Banking & Bill PayMore [+]

Controlling your finances is as simple as clicking a mouse. Access your accounts and pay bills.

Bring banking to you and control your finances all with the click of a mouse. Online Banking is a secure, internet-based service that gives you convenient, 24-hour account access to your First Century Bank accounts.

Online Banking

Bill Pay

  • Check account balances 24/7
  • View, print and download previous statements
  • Transfer funds between First Century Bank accounts
  • View check images
  • Make loan payments
  • Download your information into Quicken®, Microsoft® Money and Quick Books®
  • Place stop payments
  • Sign up for automatic e-mail reminders and more!
  • Advanced encryption technology protects the privacy of every transaction

Additional Info:

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  • Pay anyone you would normally pay by check- from utilities to a relative
  • Set up current, future, or recurring payments
  • Schedule payments
  • Search by specific vendor or all vendors
  • Track and sort payments by payee, date or amount
  • Email notifications so you never miss a payment

Additional Info:

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e-StatementsMore [+]

Put monthly statements at your fingertips without the hassle of sorting paperwork.

First Century Bank provides the latest technology to put banking at your fingertips. Our e-Statements allow you to access your statement right from your Online Banking account. Electronic Bank Statements are a great way to access your statement faster than waiting on the mail and help the environment.

  • Secure Statements
  • Reduce Clutter
  • Save Time & Money
  • Access to electronic statements
  • Download to your favorite software
  • Environmentally friendly by reducing paper waste
  • Safer than sending your financial information out in the mail

Existing Online Banking customers sign up for e-Statement in two easy steps.

  • Login to First Century Bank Online Banking
  • Click on the e-Statements tab to enroll.

Once you're enrolled you can view your statement the day after your statement cycle drops, download your statement to your favorite program and save a tree.

Mobile BankingMore [+]

Providing exclusive benefits to you and your employees. Bank at work is designed for our valued business customers and includes a package of premium financial services.

App Downloads

Mobile Check Deposit

First Century Bank Apps let you handle your accounts with a customized application for your mobile device.

iPhone® Mobile App

  • Download the mobile banking app to your device on the App Store by searching for "First Century Bank".
  • Click "Download" to install the First Century Bank Mobile Banking App.
Download on the App Store

iPad® Mobile App

  • Download the mobile banking app to your device on the App Store by searching for "First Century Bank".
  • Click "Download" to install the First Century Bank Mobile Banking for iPad® App.
Download on the App Store

Android™ Mobile App

  • Download the mobile banking app to your Android device on Google Play by searching for "First Century Bank".
  • Click "Install" to install the First Century Bank Mobile Banking App.
Download on Google Play

Amazon App

  • Our App is also available on Amazon
  • Click "Download" to install the First Century Bank Mobile Banking App.
Download on the Amazon App Store

To ensure your safety, we recommend that you only download our mobile app from the following sources: App Store®, Google Play™ Store or Amazon.

Data charges may apply - check with your carrier. iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Android & Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc.

Deposit checks from wherever you are, with Mobile Check Deposit - subject to approval.

We're glad to provide you with quick, easy services to simplify your banking. You can deposit checks anytime with the First Century Bank Mobile app. It’s as simple as snapping a picture of the front and back of your signed check. Mobile Check Deposit is a complimentary service available to eligible customers1.

If you're already an online banking customers you're ready to enroll:

  1. Login to the First Century Bank Mobile App
  2. Tap Mobile Deposit
  3. Deposit Check
  4. Choose an account for your deposit
  5. Take a picture of the front and back of the signed check
  6. Verify your information and click Submit Deposit!
  7. Please make note of your deposit reference number

To view our Mobile Check Deposit Disclosure click here.

1 Enrollment is subject to approval First Century Bank reserves the right to refuse a deposit or place a hold on the check upon arrival.
There are no fees for this service, however, wireless and data usage fees may apply, please check with your carrier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any fees for this service?

A: First Century Bank does not charge for this service, however, wireless and data charges may apply, please check with your carrier

Q: How long does it take to get approved?

A: You will receive a status notification regarding your enrollment request within 2-3 business days

Q: When will my deposit be put into my account?

A: Funds will be available the next business day if the deposit was made before the cutoff time.

Q: Are there deposit amount limits?

Yes, Daily mobile deposits are limited to 20 items or $2,000.00; monthly limits are 100 items or $10,000.00

Q: After I'm enrolled, can I add additional accounts?

A: Certainly, just contact your local branch and speak with a Relationship Banker.

Q: How long do I need to keep the original check?

A: You should store the check in a safe place for 60 days, and then fully destroy the check.

Q: Are the images of my deposits stored on my phone?

A: The images are not store on your phone the bank stores the images.

Mobile Browser

First Century Bank Mobile Banking at www.fcbtn.mobi gives you access to your real-time Online Banking through your internet enabled mobile device.

To access mobile banking go to www.fcbtn.mobi and log in using your existing online banking username and password.


  • Mobile Access1
  • Uses existing Online Banking account
  • Check Balances
  • Transfer Funds
  • Pay Bills
  • Safe & Secure2
  • Branch contact information and locations
1 Data charges may apply - check with your carrier
2 Mobile Banking utilizes 128bit encryption for your security and peace of mind

Text MessagingMore [+]

Text banking makes banking on the go as simple as sending a text. Sign up for text messaging on your accounts to receive balance and transaction information when you want it. When you send us a text/SMS message requesting information, we send you a reply text with the requested information within seconds. Or setup alerts to come to your phone automatically.

SMS1 Text Banking allows registered users to receive balance and transaction information via text messaging.

  • No internet plan or browser requirements
  • Simple and Convenient
  • Account Balance
  • Account History
  • Commands are NOT case sensitive


  • Text "ENROLLFCB" to 39257 from your mobile device to initiate the enrollment process
  • We'll call you to verify information and then activate the service
  • Then, text any of the commands below to the same number as needed (no login credentials necessary)
  • You can also auto enroll yourself by logging in to online banking using one of our apps. Once in simply click on text banking and follow the prompts.

Pull Alerts



BAL Available balance for all enrolled accounts
HIST Available balance for the specified account
BAL + last 4 digits of account (e.g. BAL 3456) Five most recent transactions for all enrolled accounts
HIST + last 4 digits of account (e.g. BAL 3456) Five most recent transactions for the specified account
HELP A list of text commands (BAL, HIST, SUSPEND)
SUSPEND SMS service for the enrolled user will be immediately suspended

Push Alerts



Daily Balance This Alert will send the Balance to the customer at a specific time on specific days of the week.
Monthly Balance This Alert will send the Balance to the customer on a specific time and specific day of the month.
Balance Threshold This Alert will send the customer a message if their balance goes above or below a specific amount during a specific timeframe.
1 Data Carrier may charge data fees. Please check with your carrier.

CenturyLine™More [+]

Easy to use touch-tone telephone service available when you are.

Access your accounts anytime with our touch-tone telephone banking. This easy to use system lets you transfer funds, find out your immediate balance, hear transaction history and so much more! Call 423-626-8711 or Toll Free 1-800-842-1000, enter the Personal identification Number (PIN) you set up, and you're on your way! It's Even Faster Than Talking To A Teller!

  • 24 Hour Access
  • Report lost cards
  • Available to all depositors

Main Menu

  • Press 1 - Account Information
  • Press 2 - Transfer funds between accounts or make a loan payment
  • Press 3 - Bank information
  • Press 4 - Report a lost or stolen ATM or debit card
  • Press 0 - To speak with an operator

New callers can simply press * (star) when prompted for their pin number and at that time they can choose a pin number.

Additional Services

EMV Debit Card

Wire Transfers

When you need convenient access to cash, we have the card1 that's right for you!

Our debit card gives you the flexibility to withdraw funds from any ATM or pull funds directly from your account when you make purchases.

  • Accepted worldwide
  • ATM or Everyday Purchases
  • Powered by MasterCard™
  • Instant Issue EMV Debit Cards available

Need a new debit card and don't want to wait for it to be mailed to you? Our Offices offer Instant Issue EMV Debit Cards!

Instant Issue offers the convenience of getting your EMV Debit Card the same day you open your account or request a replacement card. Not only can you come in and walk out with your new card in minutes but you can also choose your own PIN number.

New Accounts will receive their instant card free of charge. Standard Replacement fees may apply.
1 Debit Cards are subject to approval.

First Century Bank’s wire transfer service enables you to electronically transfer funds worldwide directly from your personal account to another bank. You can initiate a wire transfer from a personal account by stopping by one of our Offices.

  • Reliable
  • Fast & Secure
  • Transfer funds

Sending Wires

The cutoff time for sending wires is 2:00 p.m. Eastern. Please ensure that you have the receiver’s information including:

  • The receiving banks wiring instructions including address and routing number
  • The receivers name as it appears on their account
  • The receivers account number
  • The receivers address as it appears on their account

Receiving Wires

In order for you to receive a wire transfer at First Century Bank, the sending bank will need to know the following information:

  • First Century Bank’s ABA routing number: 064204774 (First Century Bank does not have a SWIFT number)
  • First Century Bank’s wire address: 1754 North Broad St, Tazewell, TN 37879
  • Your First Century Bank account number
  • Your name and address as shown on your First Century Bank account

A wire transfer form must be completed and signed at a branch location. The form requires that a customer have all pertinent information for a wire to be sent to another financial institution. Service fees apply to all wire transfers. Please contact any of our knowledgeable staff for more information.

  • Cashier's Checks
  • Direct Deposit
  • Notary Service
  • Automatic Transfer
  • Sweeps
  • Night Depository
  • Custom Coins Available
  • Check Imaging
  • ACH Origination
  • Bank-By-Mail
  • Safe Deposit Boxes

At First Century Bank, we are committed to providing more than just the standard services and strive to provide our customers with any and every convenience they may need. With that in mind, we have many services to help you with all your banking needs. Let us help you find the right solution today.